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Why Donghua Chain Ranks Among The Outstanding Products Of Machinery Industry In The 40th Anniversary Of Reform And Opening Up In China
Jan 03, 2019

A few days ago, the China Machinery Industry Federation held the "40th Anniversary of the Reform and Opening up of the Outstanding Products of the Machinery Industry" tree selection activities. Donghua produced EQ2050 transfer case silent chain and PT133F16 with oil cup ladder chain and other 194 products were selected.


                                                Evaluation purpose, procedure, result

  In order to better publicize the development achievements of the machinery industry in the 40 years of reform and opening up, the China Machinery Industry Federation carried out the tree selection campaign for the "Outstanding Products of the Machinery Industry for the 40th Anniversary of Reform and Opening up", aiming to fully demonstrate the machinery industry through centralized collection and promotion of a number of iconic products. The development track of hard work, expand the influence of the industry, and help enterprises expand the product market. According to the procedures and selection criteria, the tree selection activities were received by the industry and received 330 items. The application project shall be determined by relevant departments, experts at the level of review, and public announcement.


                                       EQ2050 transfer case silent chain


In order to realize the localization of key components of national defense equipment, Donghua Group developed the EQ2050 transfer case silent chain for the Dongfeng Warrior military vehicle in 2003. After 10 years of investing a lot of manpower and financial resources, dozens of attempts and improvements, in July 2013 through the military's multi-wheel bench test, to achieve volume supply, the product has won the Zhejiang Province outstanding industrial new product new technology award.


                                     PT133F16 with oil cup step chain


Donghua PT133F16 with oil cup step chain has been applied in the Hong Kong subway project. It is a high-precision step chain product and is a key component of the escalator. It is used in rail transit systems such as subways, airports, light rails, high-speed rails, etc. Escalator. It can be used in outdoor, dusty, high humidity, corrosive and other harsh working environments, with high load bearing capacity and good wear resistance.


PT133F16 with oil cup step chain is a blank field in China and has obtained national patents. This product has been successfully developed and localized. At present, the new standard “With Oil Cup Cascade Chain” successfully developed according to PT133F16 product development technology is the “Zhejiang Manufacturing” standard in the field of the first necklace transmission in Zhejiang Province, and the first product group standard presided over by Donghua Group.

The main products of Donghua Escalator Chain include public transportation type step chain, commercial type step chain, sidewalk escalator chain, oil cup type step chain, maintenance-free step chain, escalator drive chain and so on. It is widely used in large-scale public transportation projects such as airports, subways, high-speed railways, and commercial projects such as shopping malls and office buildings. It has provided products and services to the world's top ten escalator manufacturers.







The two high-end chain products selected by Donghua represent the achievements and levels of independent innovation in the Chinese chain industry. In the follow-up, Donghua Chain Group will continue to strengthen product research and development, technological innovation, and strive to increase varieties, improve quality, create brands, improve equipment supply capacity, and achieve high-quality development of enterprises.

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