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Donghua Chain Helps Zhang Yimou The Director 《Return Of The Three Gorges To》Chinese Large Scale Landscape Real Scene Performance Project
Dec 18, 2018

On the evening of December 15th, the Donghua Chain helped, the internationally renowned director Zhang Yimou served as the general director of the large-scale poetry culture real performance "Return to the Three Gorges" in the vast expanse of the Fengjie Baidi City - Qutangxia waters world premiere.

On the day of the premiere, the general director Zhang Yimou introduced the creation details of "Returning the Three Gorges" in Fengjie. He said that "Returning the Three Gorges" was launched from 2016. It is the largest and most technically performing performing project in the global inland waters engineering. Most of the actors perform on the water.


Performing arts with poetry as the main line, heaven and earth as the stage, landscape as the curtain, Fengjie Baidi City, Qutangxia as the background, using high-tech means to present a beautiful and beautiful dance effect, let the audience immersive, enjoy the Yangtze River Three Gorges The magnificent natural landscape, the unique local customs of the Bayu Land, the rich cultural heritage of the poetry city and the artistic conception of the ancient poetry and the ancient war scenes, feel the grand scene of "there must be poetry in the Three Gorges".

In order to make "Returning the Three Gorges" into a "real work" in China, Zhang Yimou has always adhered to the strict requirements of "quality as the sky" and constantly polished the stage. The construction scale of the project is a water spectator platform with a full displacement of 9,500 tons and a water performance platform with a full displacement of 20,000 tons. The two platforms are connected by two fleas. On the stage, it is required to add a floating platform that can move at a constant speed, which can carry the actor to reach the relative movement on the water surface, because the moving distance is up to 160 meters, and the underwater operation, the quality of the chain is high, and the project is difficult. To this end, a Beijing company of the construction party conducted an inspection in the national chain enterprises. Donghua Chain Group recommended three chain design solutions to customers from the aspects of project operability, technical stability and cost performance.


After the customer's plan is confirmed by the customer, in view of the fact that the project is the largest in the world, the most complex technology, the largest number, the difficulty, the tight time, etc., the quality and quantity are delivered on time, the stainless steel chain division of the manufacturing department. Immediately organize relevant departments to step up the selection design, manufacture, and finally deliver in advance. The project is equipped with a top plate on the chain to move at a constant speed with the chain on the track. The speed is controllable and the operation is stable, so that the actors standing on the top plate perform more perfect. A total of more than 2,500 meters of Donghua chain were used in the four performance floating platforms.


The Donghua Chain successfully supported the project, which is an embodiment of the “deep cultivation of market segments and the ability to enhance large-scale projects” proposed by the vice chairman. In the current complex and volatile economic situation, Donghua Chain actively explores its own advantages, leads the "one-stop" supporting services, and keeps close to the market, which will surely emerge in China and the world.

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