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Pulley related report
Nov 16, 2018

Work hard and serve with care. Shanxi Yongxinsheng Forging Co., Ltd., with more than 20 years of professional forging experience, can press the drawings provide all kinds of large forging products for our customers. As a domestic authority, it is the leader in the field of forging wheels. Featured products: Wheel forging technology has been leading domestic and foreign manufacturers. The development of a factory needs to pay attention to all aspects of the problem, and to achieve the achievements at this stage, it is inseparable from the management and control of people, things and things. 

As a recommended enterprise of China Forgings Network, Shanxi Yongxinsheng Forging Co., Ltd. registered company in 2000, and has more than 100 professional employees. The company focuses on large forgings, cranes, port machinery, reclaimers, ship unloaders, hydraulics, mining, steel mills, metallurgy, coking, engineering and other mechanical components, supporting the production of wheels, pulleys, cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, piston rods, shafts. Forgings of less than 10 tons, such as the class, can be freely forged. Product sales are not limited to domestic, but also exported to South Korea, Japan, Russia, Brazil, Europe and other high-quality products. Over the years, Shanxi Yongxinsheng Forging Co., Ltd. has won unanimous recognition and praise from customers for its quality assurance and reasonable price and accurate time.

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