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Bed casting
Nov 16, 2018

Advantages of using resin sand casting machine bed castings:

1 Resin sand type has good rigidity and high sand strength at the initial stage of casting. It has the condition to utilize the graphitization expansion of the solidification process of cast iron, effectively eliminate shrinkage and shrinkage defects, and realize less riser and no riser casting of gray cast iron and ductile iron castings. .

2 In the real casting production, the polystyrene foam molding is used to apply the furose resin self-hardening sand molding. When the molten metal is poured into the mold, the foam plastic form rapidly vaporizes under the action of the high-temperature metal liquid, and the combustion disappears. The molten metal replaces the position occupied by the original foam, and is solidified into a solid casting having the same shape as the shape.

3 relatively speaking, lost foam casting for the production of single or small batches of steam large molds such as car covers and machine bed have great advantages over traditional sand molds. It not only saves expensive wood type costs, but also facilitates operation, shortens production cycle, improves production efficiency, and has high dimensional accuracy and processing. The balance is small, the surface quality is good, etc. In addition, the casting machine tool has better wear resistance, shock absorption performance and good process performance.

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