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Gear Development History
Nov 16, 2018

In the West, the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle in 300 BC elaborated on the issue of rotating motion with bronze or cast iron gear in "Mechanical Problems." The famous Greek scholars Aristotle and Archimedes have studied gears. The famous Greek inventor Guti Sibis is evenly inserted on the edge of the circular table to engage the pin wheel. He applied this mechanism to the engraving. This is about 150 BC. In 100 BC, the Alexandrian inventor Herron invented the odometer and used gears in the odometer. In the 1st century AD, gear drives were also used on the waterwheel-type pulverizer made by the Roman architect Bidobis. In the 14th century, gears were used on clocks.

In the early years of the Eastern Han Dynasty (1st century AD), there were herringbone gears. The guide car and the Zhongli drum car that appeared in the Three Kingdoms period have adopted gear transmission systems. The water transfer mill invented by Jin Du Du prepreg transmits the power of the water wheel to the stone mill through gears. The earliest record of the gear transmission system in the history book is a description of the watercraft funeral made by the Tang Dynasty and Liang Lingyu in 725. The water transport instrument platform (see Chinese ancient timer) manufactured in the Northern Song Dynasty used a complex gear system. In the Ming Dynasty, Mao Yuanyi recorded a rack and pinion transmission device in Wushuzhi (Chengshu in 1621). In the site of the ancient city of Anwu, Hebei, excavated in 1956, iron-shaped ratchet gears were found. The diameter of the wheel is about 80 mm. Although it is already broken, the iron is better. After research, it was confirmed to be the end of the Warring States period (3rd century BC). Products from the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC to 24 AD). In 1954, bronze ratchet gears were unearthed in Yanjia Cliff, Yongji County, Shanxi Province.

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