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Gear Lubrication
Nov 16, 2018

The gear industry is mainly composed of three types of enterprises: vehicle gear transmission manufacturing enterprises, industrial gear transmission manufacturing enterprises and gear special equipment manufacturing enterprises. Among them, the vehicle gear is unique, its market share is 60%; industrial gear is composed of industrial general, special, special gears, its market share is 18%, 12%, 8%; gear equipment only accounts for 2% of the market share .

The purpose of the simple diagnosis is to quickly determine whether the gear is in normal working condition, and further perform precise diagnostic analysis or other measures on the gear in the abnormal working state. Of course, in many cases, some obvious faults can be diagnosed based on a simple analysis of the vibration. Simple diagnosis of gears includes noise diagnosis, vibration diagnosis, and shock pulse (SPM) diagnostics. The most common is the vibration diagnosis method. The flattening diagnostic method is a diagnostic method that uses the vibration strength of the gear to determine whether the gear is in a normal working state. According to different judgment indicators and standards, it can be divided into absolute value judgment method and relative value judgment method.

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