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Gear Failure Form
Nov 16, 2018

1, tooth surface wear

For open gear transmission or closed gear transmission with unclean lubricating oil, due to the relative sliding between the meshing flank surfaces, some hard abrasive grains enter the friction surface, so that the tooth profile changes and the side gap increases. As a result, the gear is excessively thinned and the teeth are broken. Under normal circumstances, only when the abrasive particles are mixed in the lubricating oil, the wear of the tooth surface will be caused during the operation.

2, tooth surface glue

For high-speed and heavy-duty gear transmission, the friction between the tooth surfaces is large and the relative speed is large, which causes the temperature in the meshing zone to be too high. Once the lubrication conditions are poor, the oil film between the tooth surfaces will disappear, making the metal of the two teeth. The surfaces are in direct contact and thus bond to each other. When the two tooth surfaces continue to move relative to each other, the harder tooth surface tears part of the material on the softer tooth surface in the sliding direction to form a groove.

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