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Gear Development Pattern
Nov 16, 2018

1. Game

It is particularly noteworthy that trade protectionism provoked by a few countries has the potential to trigger trade protection on a global scale. Economic globalization and trade protectionism are in the game stage, but the overall trend is economic globalization. At the same time, in the post-financial crisis era, the renminbi is under tremendous pressure to appreciate. This means that the import and export pattern will produce new changes, and more international products will enter China and compete directly with domestic brands. China's gear companies must mature in the competition. The future competitive landscape will be a clear trend of grouping, and the concentration of industry will increase; the focus of international large enterprises will increase their investment in emerging markets such as China, and the internationalization of domestic competition will intensify; foreign companies will pay more and more attention to Chinese elements, and the future will Specialized in the development of products for the Chinese market.

2. Technological change

Effective measures should be taken to transform and upgrade the gear industry with information technology, and to change the low grade and low economic efficiency of China's gear products. Such as the use of automated, intelligent equipment, reduce costs and energy consumption; promote the application of computer integrated manufacturing systems in the gear industry, and form a strong advanced equipment manufacturing system.

3. The general trend

By the end of 2012, the annual sales revenue of the gear industry was about 160 billion yuan, with more than 1,000 production enterprises, more than 400 enterprises above designated size, and about 300,000 employees. It is the largest sub-industry in the basic parts industry. After more than 20 years of unremitting efforts, China has become a powerhouse of gears.

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