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Gear Accuracy
Nov 16, 2018

Gear precision refers to a grade that is divided into the comprehensive error of the shape of the gear, including some important parameters such as tooth shape, tooth direction, and jump. The tooth shape refers to the radial shape of the tooth, and the tooth direction refers to the longitudinal direction of the tooth. Shape, diameter jump refers to the error of the distance between two adjacent teeth. Generally, the gears used in our car can be processed by hobbing machine, 6~7 can be used, and some presses need high precision because of the need for high speed operation and batch printing. The gear reduces the error caused by the gear accumulation and reduces the printing effect. The domestically produced gear grinding machine can be processed to 4~5 grades. The imported high-precision gear grinding machine can be processed to 3,~4 grades. Some can be processed to level 2. The Japanese standard DIN 0 is equivalent to the Chinese rating of 4, the general error is in μm, 1μm = 0.001mm

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