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Pouring process
Nov 16, 2018

In the casting process of machine tool bed castings, the principle of high temperature tapping and low temperature pouring should be followed during pouring. Because the extraction temperature of the molten metal is favorable for the complete melting of the inclusions, the slag floating, the cleaning and degassing, the slag inclusion and the porosity defects of the machine tool casting are reduced; the lower pouring temperature is beneficial to reduce the metal liquid. The gas solubility, liquid shrinkage and high temperature metal liquid bake on the surface of the cavity to avoid defects such as pores, sand and shrinkage. Therefore, a lower pouring temperature should be used as much as possible while ensuring that the mold cavity is filled. The process of injecting molten metal from a ladle into a mold is called casting. Improper pouring operations can cause defects in machine castings such as insufficient pouring, cold insulation, pores, shrinkage holes, and slag inclusions, and cause personal injury.

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