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Casting development trend
Nov 16, 2018

China is a large casting country, and the domestic castings are seriously over-produced. However, China’s severe overcapacity of castings refers to the overcapacity of low-end castings in China. It is difficult for China’s high-end castings to meet market needs. Therefore, China’s The demand for castings transforms the production capacity of low-end castings into high-end casting capacity and enhances the progress of China's casting industry.

It is understood that China's total output of castings has ranked first in the world in the past nine years, and China has a well-deserved world casting power. However, such a casting production country still needs to import casting products from overseas. This is not because China's total castings are not enough, but China's high-end casting products have no way to meet domestic production requirements. In fact, there are still a large number of low- and medium-end castings in China. Chongqing casting low-end castings overcapacity, product sales are not smooth, affecting the casting company's funds to return, the implementation of re-production, continue to affect the progress of the casting company. In order to improve the progress of the casting industry, it is necessary to convert the excess low-end energy into high-end production capacity, and pay special attention to certain high-end functional devices that are in short supply at the stage of development to meet market needs, thus enhancing the progress of the casting industry.

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